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the rebellious action of choice onFacultyThe non-naturist boy says tohis pal, "Look what I've found!" as he shows the fkk kid a copy of Playboypictures of scantily clothed, erotically posed women, the lad who has seenhundreds of people of all ages and body types, will probably think, "I Have seenlots of naked people before. Why does he want to steal looks at this?" Hemight also believe, "This isn't even what most folks look like."Growing up without shameAll these things occur toFkk kids, too. The one huge difference for children who were fortunate enough to growUpward in a fkk environment is that those kids have literally seen thosechanges take place, as their older friends or siblings went through thatdifficult time. Due to that experience, they are better prepared for itthemselves.SecurityWe read in the papersTrustworthy person who took advantage of a child in a sexual way. With hundredsof naturist clubs in North America, that difficulty almost never takes place at ourfacilities.A family which is openenough to have experienced nudism, just like a healthy non-nudist family, isalso open enough to have discussed sex abuse with their children. TheseKids know that they'll tell their parents immediately if they ever suspectthat something isn't right.We have been told byauthorities that the reason nudist clubs have an extremely low prevalence of sexoffenders is that we've got the standing of prosecuting those people, whileuntil recent years, many other organizations have "crossed those problems under aCarpet", more concerned with their public image than with the safety of the individualsthey should have been shielding.Historically, have felt much safer committing their misdeeds within organizations which havetried to cover up their issues with molesters.encouraging to know that Naked Buns, and many other fkk clubs, have a quite Some of their officers aremembers of our club. You can be certain that if we were doing anythingillegalAnother fact to ponder:Virtually all sex offenders are males. At a nudist club, it'd be very easy totell if a guy should happen to become sexually excited.Some other intriguingfactsWe don't present thisInfo in an effort to attempt to make ourselves appear to be "better" thanour non-nudist friends; instead, this information could describe some otherFascinating observations about nudists' lives:among fkk families, and their children have a tendency to make better scores thansimilar kids in non-fkk families. We do not think that this is BECAUSEthe families are nudists; it is more likely the unions are more stableAND their kids make good grades AND the families are nudists because the familymembers have a tendency to communicate a little more openly with each other in their day-to-daylives.Learning to accept andEsteem all bodieskids see all sorts and ages unclothed, they learn approval of the developing andaging processes; they don't believe they have to have face lifts, boob jobs andcollagen injections to become socially acceptable; they do not grow up believing"You are what you wear".They've probably never hada instance of a kid being killed for his tennis shoes or his Eddie Bauer coat!We believe that when Americanslearn to accept the body as natural and wholesome, many of our social problemswhich stem from body acceptance will diminish.A clothing optional holiday is just likeyour other vacations - with one important exception - you don't have to wearClothing. A growing number of people are enjoying these kinds of holidays and agrowing number of first class resorts are offering the choice to go topless orBare.Clothing-Elective or Bare recreation has beenAppropriate, it's becoming very popular, especially in Caribbean destinationscatering to American tourists.It's not at all uncommon for the first timer to be a bit nervous gettingstarted, but once they get out of their garments, any nervousness fastdisappears.There are two fairly great procedures of going about getting "nekkid" for the firsttime.1. A lot of first timers will pick destinations that are clothes optional fortheir first excursion. Discretionary means just what it signifies - you can pick to gowith or without your bathing suit. Many of the finer resorts like the GrandLido's in Jamaica all have clothing optional beaches. This way you'll be able to work outof your suit somewhat more slowly until you are comfy.2. Just jump right in and "Go for it". If you've already made the choice togo to a clothing optional or nude beach you've already passed the biggesthurdle.