User description fall 2010 Keith and I have been staying at my pal and publisher Nola’s home in Chiang Mai, and he or she and her pals invited us to go to the competition with them. Thousands of people had been gathered, and after a Buddhist blessing ceremony it was really magical to watch the night sky fill with lanterns being launched. This experience was simply two months in the past, in May 2012, however immediately vaulted itself to considered one of my greatest travels ever. Keith and I spent 10 days in Tanzania, happening safari to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. We slept in tented camps and safari lodges, and went on sport drives nearly daily.I went to China with a press group; there were two other writers besides myself, and the host and cameraman for Wine Portfolio tv present, which travels around the globe exploring places and their wine cultures. But our last full day in China, and the finale shoot of the show, was spent on a private, unrestored portion of the Great Wall. Walking along, having all of it to ourselves, with a champagne toast at sundown, was about as good as travel gets. There was a close runner-up with the Pagoda Festival at Inle Lake in Burma.The organization’s value proposition—the promise of interesting work, on-the-job improvement, and an attractive, versatile profession path—turned out to be on track. When recruits referred to as friends employed beforehand, they heard that the organization had gone “bureau-crazy.” Recruiters knew this, but their incentives have been to get folks through the door, in order that they hyped roles to meet quick-term targets. Good talent left shortly, while others, pleased with the safety and comparatively excessive pay, “give up and stayed,” remaining on the payroll however contributing little. With the priorities established, the staff took a deep dive into the current mess. Using interview methods to get behind superficial solutions, the group gathered qualitative knowledge.Quantitative information were generated by predictive analytics algorithms that decide patterns and an evaluation of how general managers spent their time. HR software program methods from Oracle, SAP’s SuccessFactors, and Workday already gather data by way of sources corresponding to LinkedIn to offer advanced warning when top expertise could also be thinking about leaping ship. At McKinsey, we used machine-studying algorithms to determine the three variables driving 60 p.c of the attrition among our managers.I absolutely love Key West; its colours and charms, accepting and outgoing personality, food and nightlife. But I really dug visiting the Ernest Hemingway house there (house of the six-toed cats)—and seeing his writing studio where he wrote To Have and Have Not, among others, was like going to church for me.Here, where every thing is constructed on stilts within the water and people get around by boat, the Buddha statue is transported from one wat to a different by boat. This was also a really particular expertise, but I didn’t need to select more than one Asian Buddhist pageant and if I actually have to pick between them, the sight of all those lighted lanters floating away into the sky won out. This enchanting competition is celebrated every year all through Thailand, as well as in Laos and Burma. It takes place on the complete moon in November, and with the spirit of Buddhism is symbolic of letting go of all one’s grudges, anger and defilements, so that one can start life afresh on a greater foot. This is finished through floating candles which are set upon the water, and huge sizzling-air lanterns which might be launched into the night sky by the thousands.