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When we first arrived the information in Hanoi took note of my dietary requirements and handed this onto the subsequent information, it continued via the Vietnam trip. The guides obviously spoke in advance to the restaurants, as the food that was served to me was gluten free and no meat. The use of our room till 6pm on the date of departure was a really welcome touch. Some have been a bit better than others nevertheless there is no complaint in any of them. Breakfast was less than the standard provided by all different hotels / boats. Lovely spacious rooms , very snug beds and various scrumptious breakfast- you would literally have anything you needed. The days the place a meal wasn't included the guides supplied us with a packed lunch.Today we drive out of Saigon in direction of the good Mekong River delta. The first stop is at one of many many islands the place we walk by way of a typical village and check out several various kinds of tropical fruit that are grown within the area.Bus Via Phnom PenhThe present was OK, however the group would have prefered to have revisited the excellent afternoon restaurantand loved very good food and our personal company to reminise on our vacation together. Unfortunately the seaside keep lodge was not of a great standard. The Independance Hotel may be very drained and really displaying its age fifty five years.In basic resort a bit scruffy, very poor breakfast offering, sad & unmotivated staff and remotely positioned. The resort itself presents little of curiosity and a very poor food offering.All in all a disappointing finish to what had been a wonderful tour. Clean ,comfy, attentive employees and with good breakfasts! Hotels have been of an excellent standard aside from the one in Saigon which was poor.What month should I go to Vietnam?In general, the best time to visit Vietnam is during December through February when temperatures are milder and rain is minimal. Vietnam's long, narrow shape means that the three primary regions (north, central, and south) experience different types of seasons and weather events throughout the year.This is an escorted tour, that means that you will have the companies of an English talking information during every tour ensuring that you have first-hand data always. I counted forty three different types of food on supply, both Vietnamese and European, from beef stew with noodles, to toast and marmalade. Giang was one of the best guide we have ever encountered, she's an actual plus to your company. All eating places used have been wonderful apart from the ultimate evening in Siem Reap.