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Bus And Ferry, Car FerryZakynthos, as island founder, is represented in various coins and symbol of the whole island. In the image Zakynthos is holding a snake since, based on some legends, he freed the island from snakes.How far is Zakynthos from Santorini?The distance between Zakynthos and Santorini Island is 432 km.In 1809 the British settled in Zakynthos with a big military and made it the capital of the Ionian State. The first benefits from the British have been public assistance and the establishment of the primary typography of the island.In less than three centuries the Venetian domination allowed the island to flourish from each the cultural and architectonic point of view as much as the extent that Zakynthos deserved the name of Florence of Greece. From 1492 the Venetian Government started a marketing campaign to transfer many Venetians citizens to the province of Zakynthos granting a interval of rebirth and prosperity of the island. In 1185 with the progressive decline of the Byzantine empire, Zakynthos island faced an interregnum of the duration of three centuries during which the Orsini, the Angioini and the Tocchi succeeded each other. During the Byzantine area, in addition to the Christian Era, the islanders had been classified into three totally different social courses.We get pleasure from beach time, some climbing, site seeing, good wine / food and good / buzzy atmosphere at evening for dinner / tavernas.Nea Kameni and the neighbouring small island Palea Kameni have fashioned over the past two millennia by repeated eruptions of dacite lava and ash. The last small eruption occurred in 1950 and involved lava dome extrusion.Artemis, goddess of hunting, used to wander across the green woods of Zakynthos whereas her brother Apollo used to play the lira under bay timber to chant the beauty of the island. Rome2rio is a door-to-door journey info and reserving engine, serving to you get to and from any location in the world. Nea Kameni is a small uninhabited Greek island of volcanic origin situated within the Aegean Sea inside the flooded Santorini caldera.News in regards to the island founder are from Homer and concern Zakynthos, son of Dardanus, King of Troy, who leaving together with his fleet from town of Psofida, reached the island and based his Acropolis. The cult and devotion, in archaic period, to Artemis and Apollo resulted in the organisation of entertainments and competitions among the many islanders.The Arcades additionally founded, along the Spanish coast, the colony of Zakanta which prospered for a couple of thousand years until 218 B. Later on Zakynthos passed underneath the domain of Arkisios, king of Kefalonia, and was underneath the power of Ulysses, king of Itaca.