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diving in hurghada padiGenerally, a group of purple-bellied piranhas spreads out to look for prey. This is probably done acoustically, as piranhas have glorious listening to. Everyone in the group rushes in to take a bite and then swims away to make method for the others.Scuba diving in the Red Sea began in the Fifties when Greek and Italian workers began spear fishing while residing in Egypt. Explored by the Austrian zoologist Dr. Hans Hass, a well known underwater film maker, and the well-known French diver Jacques Cousteau, the Red Sea has wonderful coral reefs which might be a magnet for hundreds of species.Red Sea, historic Sinus Arabicus or Erythraean Sea, slender sea, c.170,000 sq mi , c.1,450 mi lengthy and as much as 225 mi extensive, between Africa and the Arabian peninsula ; a part of the Great Rift Valley . The Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez are the sea's northern arms; between them is the Sinai peninsula. The Red Sea is linked with the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea by the straits of Bab el Mandeb .Several teams can converge in a feeding frenzy if a large animal is attacked, though that is rare. Red-bellied piranhas favor prey that's only barely larger than themselves or smaller.The flat coastal plains of the Red Sea slope steadily to the submarine central trough, more than 7,000 ft deep. It is surrounded by exceedingly sizzling and dry deserts and steppes; the summer time water temperature exceeds 85°C (29°C), and the water has a high salt content material. Its significance declined with the discovery of an all-water route round Africa in 1498. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 made the Red Sea one of many chief shipping routes connecting Europe with East Asia and Australia.What Month Has The Most Sunshine In Hurghada?Four days later, on 5 December, an elderly German woman was attacked and killed by a shark while snorkelling on the resort.In response to the assaults, beaches in the in style vacationer resort were closed for over a week, dozens of sharks had been caught and killed, and the native authorities issued new guidelines banning shark feeding and proscribing swimming. This consists of overfishing within the Red Sea or on the unlawful or inadvertent feeding of sharks or smaller fish near the shore, which produced scents that attracted extra sharks. Another theory considers the dumping of sheep carcasses within the Red Sea by a livestock transport in the course of the Islamic competition of Eid al-Adha had attracted the sharks to the shore. The worst period for shark assaults in the nation got here in 2010 when there was a spate of five incidents in as many days.Starring as the villain of flicks such as Jaws , the white shark is way maligned and publicly feared; nonetheless, surprisingly little is understood of its life and behavior. The oceanic whitetip has fared higher in captivity than other massive sharks of the open ocean, such as the mako and blue shark. Among 5 recorded captive oceanic whitetips, the three with time records all lived for greater than a 12 months in captivity. One of these, a female in Monterey Bay Aquarium's Outer-Bay exhibit, lived for greater than three years earlier than dying in 2003, throughout which it grew 0.three m . The two remaining lack a time document, however grew about zero.5 m (1.6 ft) during their time in captivity.©Mark Dobson/FotoliaThere are most likely more than eighty species moray eels, they usually happen in all tropical and subtropical seas, the place they reside in shallow water among reefs and rocks and conceal in crevices. Moray eels differ from other eels in having small rounded gill openings and in generally missing pectoral fins. Their skin is thick, easy, and scaleless, whereas the mouth is wide and the jaws are geared up with robust, sharp enamel, which allow them to seize and hold their prey but additionally to inflict severe wounds on their enemies, together with humans. They are apt to attack humans only when disturbed, however then they can be fairly vicious.