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BOPP Thermal Film are surface coated with resin or a thermal adhesive that melts even in low temperature. This feature ensures that the lamination of paper products is possible simply by applying pressure and heat. There are three types of thermal films that come in two or three finishes.Biaxially oriented PET Thermal Lamination Film (BOPP)Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film (PET)Biaxially oriented nylon-6 film (Nylon)Features of BOPP thermal laminating filmsIn this type of thermal laminating films biaxially oriented polypropylene is the base material. The process used to combine the layers of BOPP film and thermal laminating adhesive is extrusion coating. Therefore, Holographic Glitter has the properties of BOPP film on one side and the other side is heat sensitive and is used for dry lamination.Advantages Of BOPP Thermal Laminating FilmThe BOPP films are available in various decorative shades. People use this type of film to give an aesthetic look and feel to their products.The density of this film is approximately 0.90 g/m3 and is therefore cost effective when compared to polyester films.There is a myriad type of BOPP films for various purposes ranging from Silky matte, Matte to Glossy finish.It can be used for lamination purpose too.The other features include high transparency, superior moisture barrier, amazing chemical resistance and excellent gloss.Applications of BOPP thermal laminating films include diaries, cosmetics, leaflets, brochures, textbook covers, leaflets, shopping bags and so on.Features of Polyester Thermal Film (PET)Though it¡¯s a popular thermal film, it comes with a high price. It is generally used for two-sided printing.The thickness of this thermal film ranges between 1mil up to 10-15 mil.Its most sought after because it¡¯s not easily breakable.PET film comes in both gloss and matte finishesThis is used to laminate the menu cards in restaurantsThe identification cards with magnetic strips can also be laminated using PET films.Features of Nylon Thermal FilmCompared to the polyester thermal film, Nylon films are expensive. However, it¡¯s used as book jackets as it has strong abrasion resistance. This thermal film is also known as a breathable laminate as it allows moisture inside the laminate.These are three types of superior quality thermal films that are easily available in the market. You have to choose them wisely from a reputed vendor and brand for your business purposes.