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Social Media can create a variety of opportunities for small businesses. With changes and advances in technology, it reaches a target audience that is more efficient, affordable, and convenient. Mix Twitter, Facebook, and blogging with small businesses and you can create more prospective customers that were not aware of your services at an earlier time. There is no reason that every small business should not have social media. It is free, and the ways to keep it updated are abundant. For one, mostly everyone has a smartphone, it's the year 2012. Updating statuses, checking your email, among other things are now at your fingertips.Social media has helped companies and organizations reach a different target audience. It also makes feedback accessible to the consumer, as well as the company. It creates so many opportunities for the future of small business owners. Now, it is easier than ever to connect with people.Educate yourself on different websites you would like to use for your company or organization. Use the tutorials, they explain a lot. Many older generations have not considered using social media. They sometimes think it is too difficult and a waste of time. Take the time and learn. You will only be helping yourself gain a larger consumer base and better customer relations. It makes it easy to receive feedback from consumers, so you can respond effectively.It is the "secret sauce" to reach potential consumers/ prospects. Social media is that one element on the burger that can make it more than just a burger. A small business that is active online can help the business grow to more than just a business. Some small businesses don't know the advantages of this new technology and how it can work for smm panel am not going to tell you that as soon as you sign up for a Facebook/Twitter account for your business that it will immediately generate fans, consumers, and gain profit. It takes time and dedication. Accounts should be updated daily to adhere to potential consumers, especially to consumers in your community.